Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Extensive and Costly Damage They Cause

·         Many of these pests and diseases have seriously harmed industry and urban and rural landscapes and have caused billions of dollars in lost revenue and control costs.

·         Some scientists estimate that the economic impacts from invasive species exceed $1 billion annually in the United States.  That’s in addition to the damage they cause to hundreds of millions of acres of native ecosystems and associated native plants and animals.

·         These pests grow and spread rapidly.  They disrupt the areas they invade by:
o   Damaging crops;
o   Killing community and forest trees;
o   Pushing out native species;
o    Reducing biological diversity;
o   Placing other species at increased risk of extinction;
o   Altering wildfire intensity and frequency;
o   Closing foreign markets to U.S. products from infested areas; and,
o   Costing millions of dollars in treatments to industry and government.


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