Thursday, August 18, 2011

APHIS’ Role in Battling these Serious Pests

·         APHIS safeguards U.S. agricultural and natural resources from risks associated with the entry, establishment, or spread of agricultural pests and diseases, as well as invasive and harmful weeds. 

·         In this battle, APHIS works very closely with its many partners at the Federal, State, county, and local levels, and at universities and nongovernmental organizations.

·         To support this complex mission, APHIS’ Plant Protection and Quarantine program:
o   Partners with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to prevent the introduction of agricultural pests and diseases at U.S. ports of entry;
o   Develops quarantine policies and regulatory requirements for agricultural commodities and plant resources;
o   Establishes requirements for and facilitates the safe import and export of agricultural products;
o   Monitors and surveys throughout the country for pests and diseases;
o   Prevents, detects, manages, and, if possible, eradicates foreign pests and diseases in the United States;
o   Develops scientifically advanced, environmentally sound methods to respond to plant health threats; and,
o   Collects and analyzes pest data, both in the United States and overseas, to identify and evaluate pathways for the introduction and movement of invasive plant pests and weeds.

·         Through its many safeguarding activities overseas, on the border, and across the country, APHIS helps to ensure a diverse natural ecosystem and an abundant and healthy food supply for all Americans.


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