Friday, August 05, 2011

What Invasive Species Are and How They Get Here

·         What exactly are invasive species?  They are nonnative species that cause—or are likely to cause—harm to the economy, the environment, and human health.

·         Many species enter the United States each year in cargo, mail, and passenger baggage or as contaminants of commodities.  Agricultural produce, nursery stock, cut flowers, and timber can harbor insects, disease-causing microorganisms, slugs, and snails.

·         These pests can also hitchhike on containers, crates, or pallets.  Weeds continue to enter the United States as seed contaminants.

·         Military cargo transport can also bring in harmful species such as the Asian gypsy moth and brown tree snake.  Ballast water released from ships as cargo is loaded or unloaded has brought in several destructive aquatic species.  

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