Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet 11 Species That Are Set To Take Over The Earth

Erin McCarthy, This story was originally published by mental_floss.

Invasive species are bad news. They compete with native critters for food, destroy local ecology and, in some cases, are even dangerous to humans.

And thanks to the increasingly global nature of our world, there are more and more animals discovered where they don’t belong every year.

Here are just a few pests that have hitched rides to distant shores, where they’re currently wreaking havoc.

1.)  Cane Toad

2.)  Asian Tiger Mosquito

3.)  Burmese Python

4.)  Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

5.)  Asian Carp

6.)  Japanese Beetle

7.)  Zebra Mussel  

8.)  Red Imported Fire Ant

9.)  Northern Snakehead Fish

10.) Asian Longhorn Beetle

11.) European Starling


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