Saturday, October 13, 2012

Knock, knock! Aquatic invaders are at your door this Halloween Season

This Halloween you might be expecting a parade of monsters, ghosts, vampires and werewolves to come knocking on your door, the scarier the better! But even more frightening is the knowledge that every day alien invaders -- nonnative aquatic nuisance species to be exact -- are sneaking into our lakes, rivers, streams and even oceans and these critters aren't polite enough to knock! They may not have fangs or three heads, but aquatic invasive species like Spiny Water Flea and Silver Carp are all tricks and no treats!
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognizes that everyone, from school teachers to recreational boaters, can help stop the
zombie attackspread of aquatic invasive species. Our All Tricks, No Treats Halloween Campaign will share some great tips on ways to recognize the worst invaders and stop these
ghoulsunwanted species dead in their tracks. And if you're still considering your costume options for this Halloween, consider spooking your neighborhood dressed up as Rock Snot! Now that's scary!



 Released aquarium pets threaten native habitats! Pet owners may unintentionally create new invasive species threats when they dump fish tanks into the wild, or pets escape confinement. School programs may think it "humane" to release non-native species after class sessions are completed, but they can become destructive invaders over time. Don't be tricked into thinking release is the answer!

Check out the creature features: red swamp crayfish, hydrilla, and weather fish.

Also, learn about prevention steps.

Week 2: Bizarro Invasives

 "Don't let the bizarre names trick you, take these guys seriously!" Ever wonder how invasive species are named? By nature, invasive species usually exhibit a competitive edge over native species within the habitats that they invade. Words like snake, gorilla and lion represent some superior competitors, those animals that sit at the top of the food chain, and strike fear into many a young heart. Is it just coincidence that some really bad actors in the invasive species world share those names too? Spines, mittens, and zebra stripes emerge as well, making for some very bizarre invasive species names!

Creature features include: Zebra Mussels, Gorilla Ogo, and Lion Fish.

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