Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Beech leaf mining weevil found in Halifax

The beech leaf mining weevil (Europe) was officially identfied in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in Spring 2012.

Details of the infestation were reported in an article from the Herald News:

...The beech leaf mining weevil, identified last week by federal government agencies, has made its debut on the continent by chomping its way through beech trees in Halifax Regional Municipality.

The effects of the tiny black insect, only two millimetres long, were first noticed in the area last year when residents spotted beech leaves turning brown and becoming dessicated in May, well in advance of their usual autumnal demise.

This year, it happened again.

“The trees never really leafed out in green,” said Waverley resident Roger Doyle, who has about nine beech trees on his property.

“As soon as the tiny little leaves started in the early spring, they were immediately attacked and they all turned brown. There was a little bit of green for a while, but now when you look out at them, all the leaves are mostly brown and dead.”... 

The article, in its entirety, can be found here.

An informational bulletin has also been published on this new exotic invasive weevil.


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