Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Last First Detector Workshop of the Year

We have one final First Detector Workshop next week in Joliet. And there is still time to register!

Participants are have enjoyed learning more about invasive species concerns in Illinois and gaining skills to help detect them.  

“I like to hear the latest disease/pest problems and invasive species. It helps keep us on the cutting edge, which helps build customer loyalty. Great speakers, we enjoyed this very much.” 

“All speakers were enthusiastic and knowledgeable” 

“Keep up the good work. I like the selections you've made so far” 

The workshop focuses on current and emerging pests of landscape and nursery pests. Sessions include emerging oak insect pests and pathogens and invasive plants. In depth training sessions will highlight identification, symptoms, management, and much more.

 Full details on the remaining workshop, including a link for registration can be found here. A $40 registration fee covers lunch and program materials.

Take this opportunity to come out, learn more about emerging pests, network with colleagues, and think about warmer weather!


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