Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New Issue of the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News Has Been Posted

A new issue of the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News (Volume 19, number 5) has been posted on the web.  To reach the home page for the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News (with links to all issues and additional resources), use the following link: 


For direct access to issue 19:5, use the following link:

In this issue:

Regional Observations (from Kyle Cecil in western Illinois)
Notes from Chris Doll (fruit progress, thinning, few insects, herbicide reapplications)
Fruit Production and Pest Management (updates on oriental fruit moth and codling moth, spotted wing Drosophila, thrips on strawberries)
Vegetable Production and Pest Management (corn earworm, bean leaf beetle)
Local Foods Issues (aronia berries; upcoming GAPs webinars; soil contaminants in urban farming)


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