Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Upcoming Webinar on Phragmites

Time: April 5, 2013 2pm Eastern

Can We Manage Without Herbicide? Lessons learned from the Ontario experience
Janice Gilbert, Ph.D Wetland Ecologist, Ontario, Canada

Effective management of Phragmites, particularly in dense stands, is likely to require multiple treatments using a combination of methods over a period of years. Herbicides are often recommended as the primary treatment method, followed by prescribed burns, mechanical treatment, flooding and follow-up treatment with herbicide. But what do you do when herbicides are not available? Use of overwater herbicides containing surfactants is illegal in Ontario. Janice Gilbert, Ph.D. and chair of the Ontario Phragmites Working Group will provide an overview on the status of chemical application in Ontario, discuss non-chemical control methods and provide information on the province-wide strategy to manage this invasive species.

Join us to learn more about methods for managing Phragmites without herbicide. Please use this link to register


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