Wednesday, October 10, 2012

North American Invasive Plant Species Management Webinar Series

Topics and speakers have been announced for the North American Invasive Plant Species Management  Short Course.

The webinar series is designed to inform participants who are actively involved in invasive plant management, research, and/or policy and provide an online venue for sharing resources, ideas, and information. Signing up for the webinar series is more than just hearing speakers; participants will also have access to the discussion forum, information and technique updates, and unique networking opportunities. The NAIPSC's Adobe Connect chat room, a real-time online meeting place, will be available to share documents, ideas, and presentations.

• October 30 – Dr. Randy Westbrooks, Invasive Plant Control, Inc. South Carolina, “Building capacity for EDRR in the prevention of invasive plant species”

• November 7 – Dr. Laura Meyerson, University of Rhode Island, “Hybridization of Phragmites australis in North America”

• November 14 – Dr. Chad Jones, Connecticut College, “Spatial distribution and predictability of invasive plant populations in the Northeastern US”

• November 20 – Chris Dionigi, US Department of the Interior, Deputy Director NISC, “Invasive plants and biofuels: intersecting mandates and the need for coordination”

• November 27 – Dr. John Kartesz, BONAP, North Carolina, “Plant identification using software and computer programs – how good are they?”

• December 4 – Dr. David Horvath, USDA-ARS, North Dakota, “Leafy spurge: a model perennial invasive weed for examining the genomics of invasiveness”

• December 12 – Dr. Jane Mangold, Montana State University, “Involving stakeholders in the art and science of invasive plant management”

2013 - TBD

For NAIPSC online community members, this is what you will hear about in the coming months. If you are not a member, you need to register here and then click on the link on the left to visit the NAIPSC Online Community and sign up.


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