Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership September Bulletin Now Available

In this Issue

1. New Invader Alerts!!
2. NIIPP-CW NRM Team Meeting September 27th 2012
3. Regional Phragmites Adaptive Management Research
4. Quinn Signs Aquatic Weed Control Bill
5. Prairie Restoration Symposium at Morton Arboretum
6. Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative Webinar Series Begins
7. Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference –Registration Open
8. Illinois Water 2012 Conference-Registration Open
9. Regional Fire Conference January 2013
10. Call for Abstracts for the 2013 National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration, Schaumburg, IL
11. Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month website
12. Indiana Bans Sale of Aquatic Invasive Plants
13. Updated Global Compendium of Weeds
14. Invasive Plant of the Month


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