Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Viburnum Leaf Beetle Webinar

This week's EAB University webinar on April 21 deals with another invasive pest, the viburnum leaf beetle. Hailing from Europe, this pest can defoliate shrubs, cause dieback, and eventually kill plants. Valued plantings of European cranberrybush viburnum can be especially ravaged by larval and adult feeding. In North America this exotic leaf beetle is known to inhabit many areas of Ontario, the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and portions of Maine, New York, and, more recently, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

Curtis Young, assistant professor and agricultural extension educator with the Ohio State University Extension in Van Wert County, is the featured presenter this week. Among his many duties, Dr. Young is an invasives species specialist, landscape pest and plant problem diagnostician, and nature photographer. He received his PhD in entomology at the Ohio State University.

As always, this webinar is free to join. The webinar will begin at 11 a.m., EDT. To access the webinar, go to:


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