Monday, February 28, 2011

Live Webinar for National Invasive Species Awareness Week

Can't make it to NISAW next week? Log in to the live webinar Tuesday afternoon to join the conversation about state and regional coordination.

WEBINARS/WeEx: State and Regional Invasive Species Workshop Panels
There will be a WebEx on March 1st covering the State and Regional Invasive Species Workshop being held during National Invasive Species Awareness Week.
We will be hosting/broadcasting two panel discussions during the afternoon:  
1:15 - 2:45 pm - Session #1: Elements of Effective State and Regional Coordination
3:00 - 4:30 pm - Session #4: Strengthening Grassroots Partnerships CISMA/PRISM/CWMA
This will be an audio broadcast only, so you do not need to phone in or VOIP in - just need speakers or headphones to listen and watch from your computer. You can join in for either or both of the sessions by registering for this event. Simply log on during the time of the session you are interested in. Register at
Subject: Web seminar updated: NISAW - Session 1: State/Regional Coordination. Session 2: Strengthening Grassroots Participation


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