Monday, May 03, 2010

Illinois Pest News: Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News

A new issue of the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News (Volume 16, number 3) has been posted on the web. To reach the home page for the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News (with links to all issues and additional resources), use the following link:

For direct access to issue 16:3, use the following link:

In this issue ...

Upcoming Programs
Transactions of the Hort Society and 13th Annual Illinois Fruit and Vegetable Crop Research Report
Regional Updates
(from Elizabeth Wahle, Jeff Kindhart, and Maurice Ogutu)
Notes from Chris Doll (fruit set and thinning)
Fruit Production and Pest Management (frost injury to grapes, grape phylloxera, Rimon label expanded to include peaches, other fruit crops)
Vegetable Production and Pest Management (downy mildew of basil, herbicides that contain 2,4-D or dicamba)
University of Illinois Extension Specialists in Fruit & Vegetable Production & Pest Management


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