Thursday, June 04, 2009

Suspicious that your tree has emerald ash borer?

New from the Illinois Department of Agriculture....

If you are suspicious that your tree has EAB,
***And you live in a known-EAB-infested county***,

Here are your options:
Being that you are in a known-EAB-infested county, it is very possible that your tree has also become host to EAB. The best course of action for you will be to contact a local arborist or tree-care professional for diagnosis and treatment advice.

If your tree is infested with EAB, your options are these:
1.) Treatment - which involves an annual or bi-annual cost and does not guarantee saving your tree but rather will defer its mortality rate. Here is a link to insecticide management options

2.) Tree Removal – which will require you to contact an EAB-compliant vendor in your area who knows how to properly handle and destroy the ash wood in order to minimize the spread of EAB. A link to compliant vendors in your community are listed here

3.) Do Nothing – this is an option but NOT an advisable one. If your tree is dying, the branches will become weak and will eventually fall in severe storms or just over time. There is a safety and financial liability onus on you as a tree owner that will become very pricey should disaster strike. All ash tree owners have a responsibility to their neighbors and community to remove or treat their infested ash trees to minimize the spread of EAB.

***If you do not live in a known-EAB-infested county, please notify the Illinois Department of Agriculture so we may document the infestation.***

For more information regarding EAB in Illinois, visit our website at


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