Friday, October 24, 2008

Soybean Rust Found in Illinois

From the USDA IPMpipe website:

United States Soybean Rust Commentary (updated: 10/24/08)
On October 24th, soybean rust was reported in Jefferson and Mitchell counties in Georgia.

On October 23nd, soybean rust was reported for the first time in Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma in 2008. The disease was detected on soybeans in McLean County in central Illinois, in Scott County in eastern Missouri, and in Bryan County in southern Oklahoma. Soybean rust was also reported in McLean county in Kentucky.

Since January of 2008, soybean rust has been reported in 15 states. This includes 52 counties in Alabama, 32 counties in Arkansas, 31 counties in Georgia, 24 counties in Florida, one county in Illinois, 27 parishes in Louisiana, two counties in Kentucky, 78 counties in Mississippi, one county in Missouri; five counties in North Carolina, one county in Oklahoma, 16 counties in South Carolina, two counties in Tennessee, five counties in Texas, and four counties in Virginia. Rust was also reported in 10 municipalities (counties) in Mexico. Soybean rust is expected to spread northward until frost.


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