Thursday, August 07, 2008

More EAB in Wisconsin and Indiana; ALB found in Massachusetts

Wisconsin can now add another county to its growing list of EAB infested areas. The emerald ash borer has now been found in Washington county. Indiana also announced finding EAB in purple sticky traps in Floyd county along the Indiana/Kentucky border

In other news, the Asian longhorn beetle was discovered In Worcester.

Press Release:
Aug 6, 2008 6:23 pm US/Eastern

WORCESTER (WBZ) ¯ State officials are trying to come up with a plan to battle a foreign beetle that is threatening thousands of trees.

The Asian Longhorn Beetle has been discovered in Worcester. The invasive species is native to China and may infest many hardwood species, especially Maples.

The bugs bore holes into trees and lay eggs, which then pupate and exit the trees. The holes allow insects and diseases to infect the tree, and eventually the tree dies from the beetle or succumbs to the diseases and dies.

The bugs were found last week in the Kendrick Field area in Worcester. Officials are centering on the West Boylston Street area.

"We have determined that we have an infestation of the Asian Longhorn Beetle," said Worcester city Manager Michael O'Brien. "Because of what it can do, which is damage our urban forest area in Worcester, it has to be dealt with very quickly."

"The secretary of agriculture has declared it an emergency because it's an invasive pest and it will kill many, many of species of hardwood trees that are native to our country," said Christine Markham with the USDA.

Officials met Wednesday to discuss measures that will need to be taken in the coming months to battle the beetles and to identify the extent of the infestation.

It's believed the beetle was brought to the U.S. in the wooden packing material used in cargo shipments from China.

Experts say the only way to kill the beetles is to burn them or to grind them up along with tree.

The beetle has been found in Brooklyn and Amityville, New York, and in Chicago.
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