Friday, April 04, 2008

What's New in EAB?


Emamectin Benzoate Pesticide Now Registered for Use
in Treating Ash Trees for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

**states seeking registration for this new management strategy**

Emamectin benzoate:

* Is the name of a new insecticide that can be used to protect valuable landscape ash trees from EAB in Michigan.

* A special 24(c) registration request for this product was approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture on March 27, 2008.

* It represents a new tool for protecting valuable landscape ash trees from emerald ash borer.

* The product will be sold as Tree-├Ąge™ (pronounced "triage") and should be available for use this spring.

* Emamectin benzoate has not previously been used to protect ornamental trees. A similar product has been used in salmon farming and in California for some fruit and vegetable crops. A related product is used in veterinary medicine.

* It can be purchased and applied only by trained, certified arborists and landscapers.

* The product is applied as a trunk injection at the base of an ash tree. It is not sprayed on the tree nor applied to the soil.

* Like any systemic insecticide, this product must be transported through the trunk and into the canopy. Therefore, it will usually be more effective in a tree that is reasonably healthy than in a tree that has already been severely injured by EAB larvae.

To find out more on emamectin benzoate and the current research done with this insectide at Michigan State University, go to What's New in April


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