Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2007 Soybean Rust Summary for Illinois

Observation and Outlook: Sentinel plots
On the national scene for 2008 (obtained from the ipmPIPE website):

On January 21st, rust was reported in Hidalgo county, Texas. On January 14th, soybean rust was reported in Jefferson and Leon counties in Florida and in Altamira municipality in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. On January 11th, soybean rust was reported in Mobile County in Alabama. On January 7th, soybean rust was reported in Bolivar County in Mississippi. On January 5th, soybean rust was reported in Liberty and Polk Counties in Texas.

In 2007, soybean rust was reported in 19 States and 336 counties in the continental U.S. Soybean rust also was detected in Hawaii, in one Province in Canada, and in two states in Mexico.

Soybean rust monitoring will continue on kudzu throughout the winter months in the southern states.

For the Illinois scene in 2007 (provided by Carl Bradley, Illinois Extension Plant Pathologist, obtained from the ipmPIPE website):

For the 2007 growing season, soybean rust was confirmed in Champaign and Bureau Counties on October 30; confirmed in Massac and McDonough Counties on October 23rd.

Observation and Outlook: Experimental spore traps

For the 2007 growing season, spores resembling soybean rust were captured in experimental spore traps in Will and Adams Counties. Experimental spore trapping systems will be continued in the 2008 growing season.


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